Why Self-Motivation is Important for a Successful Life

Why self-motivation is important?

The world is changing at an exponential rate. This is no longer a secret. In the nearest future, many occupations and fields that were in high demand will no longer be in existence.

The implication therefore is that those who remain static in their fields stand the risk of not having a job in the nearest future. This can be quite intimidating; it is however the truth.

The Japanese for instance have a word for continuous and never – ending learning known as “Kaizen”. Kaizen is an operating philosophy behind most successful Japanese businesses as well as the personal motto of most successful people in the world.

Whether it is the field of technology, business or arts, those who are always committed to learning always win in life.

Why Self-Motivation is Important?

In today’s fast – changing world, people who are self – motivated to learn and evolve without being forced by external influences always succeed.

Why self-motivation is important for successful life? Why should you be a self – motivator? Being a self – motivator helps you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, learn new skills, improve your performance, deepen your understanding of the world around you and adapt easily to new – industry challenges.

While so many people rely on college and university degrees to bring to the workplace, it is easier for them to be edged out by people who are constantly evolving by learning new skills. Now more than ever does it become more important to be a self – motivator.

Qualities of Self – Motivated People

1. They are Naturally Curious

Self – motivated people learn because they want to; not because they have to. They ask questions and invest plenty of time into discovering answers to their questions.

In most cases, these people pursue their natural interests, making it easier to naturally acquire the knowledge and skills which would make it easier to map out a life that is in sync with their goals.

2. They have a Greater Sense of Self – Awareness

Most self – motivated people have a deep understanding of their real strengths and weaknesses. They know how to harness their power into making decisions that would lead to success.

They also work on their weaknesses, closing their knowledge gap to acquire skills that will be beneficial to them.

3. They are Driven by a Strong Sense of Personal Achievement

Most self – motivated people thrive on accomplishment and have so much confidence in their ability to achieve so much based on their initiative.

They are not afraid to push the boundaries of their comfort zone and take big risks to propel them towards achieving their goals

4. They are Finishers

For self – motivated people, challenges and obstacles increase the drive to succeed, no matter what it takes.

It is even quite better for those who have a strong sense of personal accountability as their time management and discipline will see their projects to the finish line faster than expected.

5. They are Naturally Proactive

Self – motivated people always take the initiative to inspire change. They do not wait for changing circumstances to force them to adapt.

Because they are continually learning, they find it easy to anticipate new developments long before they arrive. And no matter what life throws in their way, they always thrive.

How to Gain Self – Motivation?

If you possess at least 4 out of 5 of the qualities listed above, congratulations, you’re a self – motivated person. If otherwise, the good news is that you can over time develop the habits of self – motivated people by making the commitment and sticking to it.

1. Examine your Motivation

In most cases, people pursue their goals with great passion. However, life’s challenges can cause some people to veer off the course and give up. If this is you, you need not worry.

It is simply a sign that your goals are not sustainable and you will only need to accelerate your momentum and get back on track.

You should first of all, assess your commitment. Without a burning desire to achieve your goals, your motivation fades quickly and you subconsciously turn your attention towards other things.

Ask yourself “What is your ‘why?’” “Why do you want to achieve this?”, “Am I committed enough to achieve this goal?” By constantly revisiting your “why”, you are invariably igniting your motivation to achieve your goals.

2. Draw out an Action Plan

If your goals are things that you truly want to achieve, then you need a plan to make it a reality. How many hours would you commit each day or each week to achieve your goals?

Schedule key activities into your calendar and work on one goal at a time to avoid burnout. It is very important to get clear on what you need to achieve each goal.

3. Create Accountability

It is easy to make excuses for why we haven’t followed through on our commitment to taking action to achieve our goals. If you find yourself frequently letting yourself off the hook of your commitments, then you definitely need an accountability partner.

Accountability partnerships help you report your progress to a person with whom you’ve been paired to share your commitments and accomplishments.

Knowing that your partner will ask you whether or not you upheld your commitments on a daily basis can be a powerful motivator for getting tasks completed.

If your friend or someone close would not make a great accountability partner, consider hiring someone neutral; a professional trainer sort of. Knowing that you’re paying someone to hold you accountable might be the added motivation you need to keep your commitments.

In the end, it is necessary to leave you with some words of wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

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