If The Woman You Are With Even Has Half of These Qualities, Marry Her

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you may find yourself asking the question; is she the one? How do you know? Researchers around the world have been studying love and relationships to see what makes a strong and healthy relationship and why one person is right for another.

Looking at the results of various studies, the following 14 qualities should help you figure out if your woman is the one for you.

1. She is Smarter Than You

Your partner should be smart, ideally, she should be smarter than you! A smarter partner will keep challenging you mentally which means your brain keeps active, even in older age.  Research has shown that being with a smarter woman can help protect you against dementia in later life.

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2. She’s Honest

If you have an honest partner with you, she’ll always keep straight with you but she’ll also keep you on track and try and tell you when you’re wrong. If you have an honest partner, they’re a keeper!

3. She Has a Positive Outlook on Life

If your partner is an eternal optimist, it can drive you a little crazy however consider if she was negative and pessimistic, it would suck. Negative people give off a bad energy which can be bad for your health, studies show that you take on the negativity of those around you. It’s not just bad for your mind but your body too, hindering digestion, increased heart rate and lowering concentration. Stick with your happy and positive woman.

4. She Compromises

Compromise isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. Couples who make sacrifices for each other are more likely to have a long and happy relationship. Studies show that couples who are only willing to be committed when a relationship is easy, aren’t going to be together for very long!

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5. She Laughs at Your Jokes

Studies show that men find it important that woman find them funny. If you have a woman who laughs at your jokes and thinks you’re funny, take care of her and make sure she sticks around.

6. She Has an Open Heart…

The University of Westminster conducted a study that showed open hearted people are more likely to be found attractive (handsome or beautiful). Open-heartedness is a great quality in a woman and should be admired.

7. She Supports Your Goals and Pursues Her Own Too

You need to have a combination of joint goals and goals that you pursue separately. A strong woman will motivate you to achieve your goals but will also have the strength to go for her own goals too.

Image Courtesy: Elite Daily

8. She Has a Good Relationship with Her Parents

A good indicator of how your partner will behave in a relationship 20-30 years down the line is to look at how they react with their parents now. The University of Alberta questioned a variety of age groups and there was a clear correlation between someone’s relationship with their parents in their teen years and their relationship further on.

It doesn’t need to be a perfect relationship with her parents but understanding it is useful.

9. She is a Kind Person

Kindness and generosity are key indicators of a long and happy relationship. By being kind and generous to you and others they are building a culture of respect and appreciation.

10. She Remains Calm in Fights and Calms You Too

All couples fight now and again, having positive arguments are key to a healthy relationship. The important thing is paying attention to how you both deal with fights and making up afterwards. Studies show that women who calm down first, are more likely to transfer their calm to the male – this does not work the same if the male calms down first.

Image Courtesy: Pexels

11. She Does Silly Things with You

Couples that have fun together and socialise together are happier. Go out and have fun, be silly and enjoy each other’s company.

12. She Has Her Own Life

Just as importantly as having fun together, is having fun apart too. Studies show that having your own interests and social lives, as well as shared ones, will make you both happier in your relationship.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

13. She Accepts Your Flaws

You see couples niggling at each other, complaining about their bad jokes or the way they dress, it’s unpleasant to watch and makes you wonder why they’re together. If your partner can accept you for you, you should consider yourself very lucky.

14. She Doesn’t Hold Grudges

Studies show that people who forgive, live longer lives. If your woman can forgive you, you should be grateful. You may do something to hurt your partner, completely by accident and if she is forgiving you will be able to move on. Don’t take advantage of her forgiving nature though.

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