Why Women Leave The Men They Love; What Every Man Needs to Know!

Falling in love is easy, it’s staying in love and creating a relationship where both parties feel appreciated that is the hard part and where so many people end up failing.

Walking away from a marriage, long-term relationship or even a relatively new romance when someone is still in love with their partner is one of the hardest things in life, but more women than ever are deciding to take the option to leave.

The need to feel valued.

Regardless of whether they’re head-over-heels in love, both parties need to feel valued in a relationship and if they’re not it can quickly fall apart.

Most people have experienced the feeling when a loved one begins to drift away from the other and start treating them with indifference.

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Whether their partner’s affections change or they are just being taken for granted, feeling ignored by someone you love can be incredibly damaging for self-esteem and confidence.

Ending a relationship unburdens the pain of being with someone who no longer feels the same and so can be a positive decision for those suffering.

It’s already over.

Ending a relationship that seems already over is sometimes a way for a woman to regain control over the situation. If it feels like a partner no longer loves them, walking away can be the only option to move on and be happy again.

They may have already mourned the romance months before and the official split is just confirmation of what both knew a while ago, that it’s over.

In these cases, the official break-up is more for the outside world and can come as a relief to those struggling to act like they were happy.

They no longer want to settle.

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While staying in a loveless marriage was the norm 30 years ago, in today’s changing society women are no longer willing to settle.

Independence and female empowerment mean they don’t rely solely on their husband for everything in their lives and so don’t have to accept being taken for granted or treated with indifference.

When They Leave

Women always work hard on a relationship, but there comes a point where they just give up on a bad situation. Usually, it’s tiring of feeling like their partner no longer cares for them and being unable to keep up the pretense any longer.

If they don’t feel central to a partner’s life or unsupported in their own endeavors then they may feel it would be better off alone. These partners aren’t necessarily unloving or “bad” men and can be the most caring fathers, brothers, sons, and friends.

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But while concentrating on other areas of their lives they could, unknowingly, be neglecting their partner and making them feel invisible. This can in some ways make the situation worse because they appear caring and attentive to everyone but the primary relationship in their life.

Women may also seek that emotional support outside of the relationship, turning to someone who can fill the void left by their partner.

Men Women Don’t Leave

Men spend time and energy pursuing women when they first get together and it shouldn’t stop once you’re in a relationship or marriage.

The same attentiveness and interest will be needed to keep the romance and closeness alive.

Women need to feel not just loved but valued, appreciated and wanted by their partner and it doesn’t even have to be on a grand scale.

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Many couples fall into the pitfalls of modern life and through pure ignorance end up killing their relationship.

Don’t Split Your Attention

Sometimes it can be hard to hear what people are really saying, so concentrating on listening is one of the most fundamental parts of a relationship.

Put down your phone, close the computer and put your own thoughts out of your mind for just a moment and take interest in what your partner is telling you.

Not only will it make them happy, it will be more rewarding for you and probably give you a greater understanding of how your partner is feeling.

Asking them questions about their day or bringing up a problem they had a few days before shows you have genuinely listened and can make all the difference to your partner and doesn’t take that much effort.

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Don’t Take Feelings for Granted

You might know you love them, but women need to be reassured that you do care.

Gestures like sending them a text telling them you love them or asking them how their day is going can make a world of difference, especially if they may already feel insecure about the relationship.

Don’t Get Angry

When women get jealous or upset there is usually a deeper meaning behind it and while this can be frustrating, it’s best for partners to remain calm and not fly off the handle.

Again it’s usually a sign they need some reassurance from and by offering this it can stop something becoming a long term problem.

Don’t Let Things Get Boring

Showing you still feel passion for a partner not only makes things more fun, it will help them feel secure in your affection.

Whether it’s by complimenting their looks or doing something to surprise them, these gestures can go a long way to making sure they feel appreciated.

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It’s not about just going through the motions either. Attentiveness and valuing their pleasure as much as your own are key to making them feel wanted.

Everyone Needs To Feel Important

Whether you’re a man or a woman, feeling valued and appreciated when it comes to your partner is key for a happy, long-term marriage.

Changing the way you view your other-half and treat them on a daily basis can have a huge effect on your relationship down the line and help avoid worries or fears that they’re no longer important.

It can be surprising the difference even the smallest gesture can make, transforming your partner and your relationship for the better.


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