5 Golden Work Life Balance for Working Moms

5 Golden Work-Life Balance Tips for Working Parents
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In our time it is almost impossible for one parent to stay at home, the economy and financial pressures make it incredibly difficult. The worst part is as we take on our daily duties we seem to forget the importance of work life balance for working moms.

In the old days mom used to take care of the kids and home while dad worked hard and returned home to a warm meal and his trusty pair of slippers. Nowadays we forget that it is crucial to find work life balance for working moms.

Here are 5 helpful work life balance tips for working moms to use as guideline:

Create and live by a work life balance calendar

Creating an organizer for your family life and family time is not a form of OCD. It is in fact a great method to obtain work life balance. Diarize family days for example going out for a picnic, going to the zoo and other quality time entries. This might seem a bit structured to a certain few however if a schedule is not followed as parents you might find that your family has no quality time together.

The importance of work life balance becomes adamant when you feel that slight guilt for not spending time with your family. The best part of creating a calendar is that it can be a fun activity for the whole family, everyone gets to pick their favorite thing to do and everyone gets a turn.

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Keep your employer informed to keep a stable work life balance

If your employers or Human resources representatives are not aware that you have children they will be much less understanding if you need time off for any personal or family related reason. I have seen so many parents in a state of frantic because a child is sick and needs to be fetched from school and they aren’t able to get away from work.

When setting up any work life balance for moms tips be sure to tick of this one. Your employer pays your salary and takes priority in life therefore be sure you let them know in the beginning that you have children and that your attention might be required elsewhere in the event of emergencies, also make sure all work gets completed at work, try not to take work home.

Turn regular activities into family fun times for better work life balance

The importance of work life balance for working moms requires you to turn regular activities into fun family occasions for example when taking your morning jog take your kids along.  Most health clubs have facilities for kids nowadays and this allows a little extra time for parents and kids to spend together.

This will improve your work life balance greatly. A great way to bond is by cooking together as a family.  Instead of the normal routine spend time together when doing everything.

The golden tip of all work life balance tips

If a person takes the time to notice it you would find that every day and all day people are consumed by tech, instead of talking to someone they would rather send a message with social networking or other methods. After a hard day at work and school the whole family has their preferred tablet, Smartphone, TV program or game that they waste time with.

Realize again the importance of work life balance and have a tech box to put away all Cell phones and other distractions. Sit outside, play a board game or find an activity that everyone enjoys that doesn’t involve any tech.

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Take that family holiday for the ultimate work life balance for working moms

Nothing beats that feeling of excitement of getting in the car in the wee hours of the morning to head off to some holiday destination. Don’t work during your holiday time, make sure the whole family is available at the same time and save for that awesome vacation.

Discuss everyone’s favorite destinations, mark it on a map and alternate where to go the following year. All work life balance tips recommend enough time away from your regular home environment for a healthy and quality filled family life.

Relax and take some well deserved time off!

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