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We welcome writers wholeheartedly. Our primary philosophy is to support and give recognition to writers from all over the world who have valuable tips to share.

Yes, we are talking about you.

We are all filled with ideas that we consider worth spreading but whenever we share anything, we fear that no one is listening. This does not happen at Peace Quarters.

Peace Quarters is home to over half a million readers from all walks of life every month.
This is where you get heard.

This is your opportunity to redefine the way people live their lives. Peace Quarters produces focused valuable content to help them and that should be your aim too. You write, we publish, your fans read. Along with you, we will push your best writings out to the world.


Word Count
The proposed content must be between 600 to 1,000 words. Exceeding 1,000 words will be all the more better and would impact your readers interest more as well.

Stay Positive
The tone of your content must be positive and reviving for the readers. Allow the readers to have a deeper connection with you through what you write. We publish content that allows readers to feel good and have an impact on their lives.

Be Original
We are thorough in checking if the content is original or not, your content will only publish if it clears all originality checks. You cannot submit content that has already been published or is to published elsewhere over the internet, even your own blog. Content submitted to Peace Quarters must be unique.

No Spamming
We do not mind if any writer wishes to give links to their website or social platforms (see below: Your Profile), but if the writer produces keyword focused spamming content over dozed with businesses linked to other businesses that show no relevance to our philosophy, your content will not be published.

If you produce factual data, numbers and statistics, we would want all contributors to verify that data and provide it with reference links from where it is taken. Trust us, it is more believable and adds strength to your content.

Your Author Profile
We reserve all rights of the writer over the content within our platform. Each writer will get a profile that will contains links to their website and social media platforms. Yes, this is a great opportunity, we know. It has often happened that writers have been approached by other large companies to write for them as well. We get you discovered (as long as you do not publish the same content to other websites, we are pleased).

All photos that are submitted by the writer to support their content must all be original. We love photographs. Make sure to submit photographs with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480 px. Make sure to give credit to the photographer.

No explicit content will be published nor any without credits will be published.

Days to Publish
We often get hundreds of pieces a week but we take at least 21 days to publish the content as we run it through our eligibility test. So, be patient, if you’re good, you’re up their. Stay advised, you may only submit one post at a time.

*At the time of submission all contributors accept our terms.


Before planning to write for us, remember to go through our website and other posts thoroughly. Our content focuses on providing information and help regarding several areas of self help. This opens the doors for psychologists, fitness trainers, dietitians, spiritual teachers, motivational speakers and love doctors. Yes, we are home to some of the most knowledgeable people in the self help industry and we wish for you to be the same.

Inspire Others
Our posts are ones that inspire people and impact them to change their lives. Everyone is in need for advise and we sure want to send yours across. For example our article, ‘11 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Daughter That I Wish Someone Told Me!‘ goes out to every mother and daughter, talking about the most crucial things every mother must tell their teenage daughter.

Our Category of Love
It is in air. Some are living it, some are looking for it and some, well, may be done with it. We cover the areas of dating, parenting, relationships and friendships in this category. Topics that relate to this category must be submitted with a clear mention of category. This is a great category for psychologists and mothers to share their thoughts and teachings about parenting and relationships and help readers understand what they should be doing, if they haven’t been doing it.

Our Category of Life
Here we publish material that relates to everyday life from career to staying motivated. Our category of life is the most loved category for entrepreneurs, business women, career focused women and those who have mastered the art of work life balance. Share the tips on how you successfully do it!

Our Category of Aura
Aura has a deeper meaning than we know. Our subcategories of Spirituality, Mindfulness, Meditation and Inner Peace teach our readers about how to gain the spiritual essence in life. This area of our platform requires a lot of research unless coming from a professional or a spiritual teacher. Think your reader needs to the basic lessons of beginning their spiritual journey, what must they do?

Our Category of Health
Health is every reader’s priority. So how are you adding value?

You must understand that your reader is not weak but is likely extremely fit but they need exposure to new things. Dietitians love this section as they get to tell people what they must eat and how must they control it. Yogis and fitness trainers are able to train people via our platform and are able to invite people to their own websites and social media pages.


1) Help People Change Their Lives
Peace Quarters philosophy is to help people change their lives and share with them the information that they do not have. From helping them with love issues, training them on attaining inner peace or building them their diet plan, you will be the change in their lives.

2) Get Recognized
All contributors build their profiles on Peace Quarters that allows fans to get to know the person they are reading. With a description of yourself, you will have links to your website and social platforms. This helps contributors gain recognition and of course, open several gates of opportunity for them.

3) Increase Your Reach to A Global Audience
Mentioned earlier, Peace Quarters is home to over half a million readers from all over the world, dominated by readers from USA. Your work will help you reach all our readers and with the feedback they give, you will be able to improve on your passion of writing.

4) Work with Professionals
Peace Quarters has a team of professionals who edit, proofread and publish your submissions. These professionals are masters of publications and they are just like you! Through them you will be able to learn about the mistakes you have made and how you can improve on them. End result? You will be a better writer.

5) Work Whenever You Want
We do not bind any contributor to a contract of course, it is all your choice. You work whenever you have the time to work. We do not push any contributor to produce more work, we want our contributors to produce at their best.

6) Build your Ideas
We often think about how to get exposure for what we do best, well, this is your time to shine. We allow you to produce your own courses, develop training tutorials, videos and webinar. Through our platform we will be able to work together on the basis of a partnership. The more fans you have, the more you earn.

And remember, readers do not come themselves.

7) Get Famous
Being recognized is one thing, being famous is another. We wish to help you throughout your journey of attaining fame in your fan base.

How to Submit?

So, are you as ready as we are to work together?

Let’s get started! Send in your submissions at [email protected] and get published!

For More Information Call Us at (917) 302 8680

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