6 Must Have Yoga Supplies To Begin your Yoga Journey

yoga supplies

Yoga is rapidly gaining popularity among the masses because of the numerous physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits they offer. The best thing about Yoga is that it has movements for people of all age groups. So everyone can enjoy yoga! You do not have to be a professional or experienced yoga master to reap the benefits of this practice. Now that you have decided that you want to become a part of the yoga clan, you should save up some money to buy a few essential items that you will need for beginning your yoga journey.



Yoga involves some moves and stretches which require you to move your body parts in a way they are not used to. In order to do these poses, you need to be in comfortable attire that does not hinder your movements. You do not need to break the bank to find the perfect attire for doing yoga. But if you can, try to invest in a pair of proper activewear. But don’t let this be the reason for delaying your yoga practice. If you don’t have activewear, it’s still OK! Just get into any comfy shirt and tights that you have at home. People only prefer activewear over normal clothes because it compresses and supports the body while exercising and meditating. And also because it is made up of special dry-fit material which keeps the body free from sweat. 


Don’t be fooled by the gentle nature of yoga! There may be a lack of vigorous movements as compared to cardio or strength training. But trust me when I say this, you will sweat a lot! and when you do, you will wish you had a good absorbent towel that you could use for wiping it off.


This is pretty much self-explanatory but let us discuss it anyway. Yoga strengthens your muscles and your body from within. It uses the weight of your own body to help you gain strength in your muscles. So when you are doing various yoga moves you are putting pressure on different parts of your body. Some moves might hurt a bit more than the others if you are a beginner. When this happens, a good quality, thick and supporting yoga mat can do wonders for you. In buying a wrong mat that is not supportive or is too thin, you will cause yourself a lot of unnecessary pain. Especially in the palm of your hands,  your wrists, your knees, and your back. It is also important to invest in a durable yoga mat because repetitive yoga movements can easily cause wear and tear of the yoga mat if it is of average quality. So purchase once, but purchase wisely. Try to find one which comes with a yoga mat strap so that you can easily carry around your yoga mat even when you’re not carrying a yoga bag. 

Yoga Mat

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A few of the challenging poses in yoga require some support and having a yoga block can really make things easy when you are just starting off. It can provide you with the right amount of support by reducing the distance between your body and the floor, making it one of the most essential yoga supplies advised to beginners.


Resistance bands and yoga straps are used to make the muscles work harder and they help tremendously with yogic strength training. They are available in both stretchable latex, and non-stretchable material for yogis and yoginis to choose from according to their preference. But a stretchable one is often recommended for newbies to continue their yoga journey.

Yoga straps


These days yoga beads have become a trendy way to show-off to people that you do yoga or meditate regularly. But these round balls of wood, semi-precious stones, or natural stones are actually a very useful tool when you have just set out on your yoga journey. Yoga beads help greatly during yogic breathing exercises to keep a count and control over breaths.

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