9 Qualities You Didn’t Realize You Have Because You Are A Truly Genuine Person

Despite your personal opinion, there are decent people out there in the world. It may be something hard to see, given the usual headlines we see on the news and heinous crime articles we read on social media but they’re out there.

If you carry these qualities, you are definitely of a favorable nature and a valuable person to know.

1. Kind and Respectful to All

You take no issue with being kind and showing respect to strangers and friends. It is a rare quality but a great one to have and, for those who do, they find it hard to believe that others do not feel or act the same way.

2. Patience: It Comes Natural to You

The majority of the time you are the one who is well known for being patient. It may be a difficult characteristic to master but, since you hold it in such high regard, it’s a challenge you are more than willing to take on.

3. Trustworthy: That Is Your Middle Name

Your word is your bond, and everyone knows it. When everyone is turning to you, trusting you and confiding in you, it is a typical situation for you to be in. Trust is critical and goes both ways so, if someone tries to take advantage of your genuine nature, you stand firm and walk away, dignity intact.

4. You Always Follow The Golden Rule

The way you see it is that if you want to be treated nicely, then you have to do the same to others. “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” is a motto you stand behind no matter what and it has served you well in life.

5. Justice is of High Value to You

There is no distance you won’t travel to see that justice prevails, even in the smallest of situations. You find the seeking of truth critical in all forms and will always aim to make sure it is delivered in full force.

6. You Never Expect Anything in Return for Your Kindness

It goes without saying that from all the kindness you put out into the world, you require nothing in return. Due to your high morals and values, you see rewards for your behavior to be completely unnecessary. No payment will ever be needed for your helpful nature.

7. Not One to Judge Others Unfairly

As aware you are of your flaws, you aren’t one to judge others for theirs. In fact, you can typically find more reasons to give someone a fair chance right from the beginning instead of judging the book by its cover, as most tend to do.

8. Stand Your Ground and Speak Your Mind

As nice as you are, you are no rug to be walked all over. You learn from your mistakes and use them to fuel your high stature. Niceness is often mistaken for weakness but not with you. No, you stand tall and speak your mind when you need to as a strong personality can be useful armor in this harsh world of ours.

9. Self-esteem is Very Important

The self-esteem of yourself and of others is high value to you. You see it as an unfortunate thing when someone, or yourself, is suffering from the grips of low self-esteem. Luckily, your helpful nature and a clear head for advice, which makes for a great recipe to remedy the problem.

No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Whether you have all of these qualities, some, or none, this guide should provide more than enough tips to improve any lesser behaviors you may have. Take time to be kind and it will surely come back to you in the end.

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