The Youngest Child Is Fun, Charming and Uncomplicated, Research Says

Generally speaking, it’s assumed that siblings have specific personality traits depending on what order they are born in but how much research is there to support it?

First born children are considered to be perfectionists, bossy, cautious and reliable.

Children that are born in the middle tend to be adaptable, rebellious, a peacemaker and social.

The youngest child or last born is fun, charming, uncomplicated but seeks attention.

The traits of an only child are confident, responsible, center of attention and mature for their age

This has always been an interesting field of research and about 100 years ago, a colleague of Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, believed that your personality is affected based on when you’re born. There has been a great deal of research over the years that proves these claims but the science isn’t always completely exact.

Image Courtesy: Personalitybuzz

Research shows that first born children are more honest, has better leadership skills and is more dominant. Because they often take care of younger siblings, they develop responsibility at an early age.

The younger child, by comparison, doesn’t have the responsibility and are often over pampered by their parents and older siblings. They feel less independent and more likely to be motivated to do better than their older siblings.

Middle children are more conscientious than their siblings, they see the mistakes that older siblings make and learn from them, enabling them to do better. The middle child’s personality sits somewhere between the older and younger sibling’s traits.

Only children can be perfectionists, working hard to achieve their goals. They get pampered by their parents and don’t have to compete with other siblings for attention. Only children are considered to be self-centered but research shows that they are actually quite open as well.

Studies in two German universities showed higher intelligence levels, based on IQ, in older children. They studied 20,000 people over 18 years old, across the United States and Europe.

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