Youngest Siblings Are Always The Funniest, According to Study

Every parent loves their children equally, but there is usually still some comparison between the kids. Even if it is not talked about, every parent wonders, which of their kids is the smartest, the most successful or the prettiest.

Research has shown some interesting facts about which of the children is the funniest. Most people would guess that the oldest one is because the older one gets to practice their jokes and pranks on the younger siblings. Actually, the research shows that the funniest kid is usually the youngest one.

The older sibling might feel more responsible and that’s why make fewer jokes. The older ones tend to be less relaxed and easy-going, but they are more successful and more organized than their younger siblings.

Of course, every case is different, but the statistic also claims that the youngest children are the most favored by the parents. This maybe because of the fact that parents feel a bit sad when their littlest one is growing up and they try to nurture and cherish them as much as they possibly can.

Although the youngest ones are more favored by their parents, they are not as self-confident and not as able to prioritize their own life as their older siblings. This might be because of the fact that their parents are pampering them so much that they are having a hard time becoming independent.

The study, from where the statistics are from, was conducted in Great Britain, where they studied British families and saw that a clear divide in personality traits emerge between the oldest and the youngest of the siblings.

In conclusion, the oldest and the youngest siblings have different strengths and weaknesses. The younger ones are more fun to hang out, but the older ones are more responsible and you can really count on them. It is good if the kids can grow together and teach each other the different ways to act. In addition, having a brother or a sister teaches the kid how to consider other people as well and how to share things. Later in life, they get along with other people easier, because they know how to compromise and how to work as a team.

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