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These Zodiac Pairs Make The Best of Friends for Life

zodiac sign best friends

If you keep up with your horoscopes, the chances are you know what to look for incompatible romance sign. But what makes a perfect zodiac sign pair for pals, best friends as soulmates are just as important as romantic ones – they support you through everything, are a shoulder to lean on, and they always know how to make you smile.

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Aries and Aquarius

When two zodiac signs as strong as these come together, they’re a force to be reckoned with and become best friends. They complement each other perfectly, with Aquarius bringing brains to the table, and Aries bringing physical strength. Their opposite traits are what brings them together and balance them out – where Aries is a permanent positive vibe, Aquarius can be downcast and moody, so an Aries will always lift their best pal up.

However, while Aquarius’ are moody, they are very rational, and so they can reign in the ropes when an Aries gets out of hand.

Taurus and Cancer

When it comes to loyal friendship, Taurus and Cancer are the strongest. Both signs are known for being reliable and in touch with their emotional side, so they tend to be empathetic towards each other as a pair, and the people they interact with together. They know how best to chill out, and you’ll often find them taking part in creative activities and movie nights rather than drunken nights out.

Cancers are often emotive, and they need a strong shoulder to lean on – which comes in the form of a Taurus. They are logical enough to help a Cancer through a problem, and in return, a Cancer is willing to ignore a Taurus’ persistent attitude.

Gemini and Leo

When it comes to a good time, a Gemini and a Leo are the first people you think of as zodiac signs being best friends. As a pair, they’re unstoppably fun, and they’re always the life of the party. They’re both sociable signs so you’ll never be bored in their company. However, they’re also both known for being emotionally needy.

For this reason, Gemini and Leo are perfect to support one another; they know exactly what the other person needs to hear. Leos are the stronger personality in the relationship, and they take on a leadership role to get them through sticky situations. They often get into trouble together, but they’re always laughing as they do.

Virgo and Scorpio

Like with all the best soulmate matches, Virgos and Scorpios are opposites that attract and tend to become the zodiac sign who are best friends. Virgos tend to keep their head down and get things done, while Scorpios use their resourcefulness to go out and get what they want. Together, they tend to come up with interesting ideas and ploys, and they would never abandon a project.

They would be great co-workers or at going into business together. Scorpios also possess the strength to uphold both themselves and their Virgo best friend, since Virgos tend to be sensitive and need constant encouragement.

Libra and Sagittarius

This crazy pair is pretty unforgettable. You’ll often find them at center stage, laughing about a joke nobody else gets and making a fool of themselves. Not that they mind. Both of them are strong personalities, and it can be troublesome when it comes to debates and disagreements.

However, these two would never try and change one another – they love each other, flaws and all. Sagittarius’ also succeed at reigning Libras in a little, especially since they’re such free spirits. It keeps them out of trouble, at least.

Capricorn and Pisces

This pair wouldn’t automatically seem like a good match, but their opposite traits tend to be good together. Capricorns can be rather judgemental, which a Pisces will always despise, but when it comes to understanding, a Capricorn and Pisces just get one another.

This is a turbulent match, and their differences can sometimes cause arguments, but they always kiss and makeup in the end. They would never sacrifice their friendship for anything. These two often bond over a creative activity, and even if that’s where the similarities end, they still stick together like glue.

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