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Zodiac Signs That Will Fall in Love This Summer

Zodiac signs that will fall in love

Summer is not just the time of sunshine and butterflies around us, but also inside us. We brim with joy while awaiting this season of warmth. It is also a season of love. Where the mornings make for a perfect heartfelt breezy date, and nights are for passionate adventures.

Even the stars agree that summer will warm our hearts and encourage us to love. There are certain zodiac signs that will fall in love this summer! While all signs are meant to find love now and then, some summer zodiac signs are meant for this season.

Are you curious to know what your sign says about your love life huh? So, let’s get into what the summer love horoscope is for the lucky few.


Taurus will be divided between me-time and love. Venus is in a perfect position from August 5th to early September. Your love will be simple, heartfelt and passionate. Find balance in your romance, while being more peaceful, so that you reach better choices. These choices will vary from marriage, cohabitation, children or buying a house.

You might be willing to have sensual reunions with an ex or just a casual fling. But the choices are very important, hence you should only make them if you love the person. Love would be more than just sex, instant attraction or charm. You would also be most compatible with cancer.


Gemini has the pretty Venus up till August 4th in their sky and after that, the bonds of love, passion and, emotions would get better. A person, male or female, if they have no partner and no on close with them then love will come by if they actively reach out to new people and making friendships to start anything off as a start. You will be having a good charm in the summers and a great catch for others, with passion and attractiveness oozing.

Although, only having sex encounters will also benefit. There is some great romance in store for you, even if you feel love isn’t your thing. You will be led to meet an amazing person and the relationship would either end up with a beautiful marriage or the beginning of cohabitation. Gemini will do great with Pisces.


Cancer will find this is the right time to return to love, from August 5th and arrives until September 6th, 2020. The Venus will transit in your sky, and open up the horizon to find and meet new people, be it parties, gatherings, etc. and you will find love by going out. However, you need to work on past issues like family or a complicated relationship. If the current relationship doesn’t work out even with efforts, leave before August 5th and find someone else as then more possibilities to experience love again.

So, your summer will determine who you end up by either finding love in your current partner or leaving your current partner if you aren’t able to renew the old spark and meeting other people. The Mars works in your favor with your reaching a sexy prowess. You will find compatibility with a Taurus.


Leo will calmness and comfort in finding their love match. Venus until 4 August is sextile which indicates that. You will meet new people or grow your existing relationship into something stronger which lasts longer. You will feel butterflies again. You might face some emotional issues, but summers will take those away.

If you are in a relationship and even lack some passionate sex, your feelings will represent real love. You might meet people or also have sexual adventures which won’t last if single. Jupiter will make you extremely bright and attractive to people out there. You will develop a relationship marvelously and find love, during the end days of September. You will be well paired with a Virgo.

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The sky will change by August 5th and your life will open up to love as Venus will form sextile. Passion in your heart will light up and you will experience feelings of love. The love you find at this time will surely leave a presence on your heart. Not just love, new friendships will bloom. You might solve some issues with family and make important decisions for marriage, cohabitation, or children.

Jupiter in trine in the sky will allow you to feel something more wholesome with a relationship. If you are in a relationship, then you might be made to feel very attractive. The key is to go in the world and experience as much as possible. You will be compatible with Leo.


Scorpio will be able to rekindle a relationship from 5th august to 6th September. The two phases of summer, middle and ending, will be good for you to find love. If you try to hit it off with a person you liked for quite some time or just this new person who caught your eyes, go for it! Jupiter will be supporting you.

You will have a chance at new love, or working on an old one by preventing discontent and doubts. If already in a relationship then communication is key and you need to discuss the problems and reach a solution. There might be some lack of sex, but priority should be to work on feelings and help establish a stronger bond. You will be compatible with Capricorn.


Libra will experience love in the early summer. The ones who want to stay single, well this won’t be the month for you then. You will meet people, experience adventures and let others understand you better. Don’t be passive with your love story, rather have more adventures and find the one for you.

If in a relationship, then you will have luck there too. Your love will with your partner to become more secure and stable, and also more real and understanding. You can start planning for the future with such a relationship.

So, what are you waiting for? Even the ones whose zodiac signs aren’t here, take chances and a leap of faith!

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