9 Essential Benefits of YOGA Exercise in Our Lives!

9 Essential Benefits of YOGA exercise in Our Lives!
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Dating back to thousands of years, yoga has been a long-lived practice for people to bring out a positive perspective towards life. Here are some essential benefits of yoga exercise in our lives.

The breathing in and breathing out signifies the capture of positive thoughts and the release of negative clutter that crumbles our minds.

But that is not it. When we go around asking professional yogis, their definition is beyond just this. For many, yoga is the longed connection between you and your inner self.

This post is for people who keep thinking that they would start yoga but they never do. As messengers of knowledge, we intend to share with you the nine essential benefits of yoga exercise in our lives!

1) Peace in the Midst of Chaos

A great meditation teacher and yogi once said:

There must stand no difference between meditating and performing yoga in a cave or the center of the city because peace, peace lies within you.

Yoga is a practice which allows you to walk out of the chaos and into a peaceful mind frame. The practice of yoga itself perfects you in the areas of concentrating on the priority of life, to be peaceful. Today, we lead lives that are consumed by work both in and outside the house, and at times, we feel that we will never be able to connect with ourselves and remain forgotten.

This is an outcome of lacking the peace your require. Yoga reconnects you with the peace you behold within yourself and remember, peace is nowhere but within.

2) Live in the Present

Have you ever wondered how much time you wasted today? The number of times you looked at the phone, the mirror in the restroom, the time you spent watching a movie for the 7th time and the time when you simply did nothing.

This is the time that will never return.

More so, it is inevitable for humans not to have memories. We all do, good and bad, but thinking and focusing on them, we end up skipping on the present.

From everything we do and everything we think of, understand its importance, we shall not waste time on doing what is snatching our present.

Yoga helps us gain the focus on the present and unplug from the past or material.

3) It Is “ME TIME”

The job, kids, husband, food, extended family, budget, finances, goodnight kisses. Women are the real heroes, we all know that but are you spending enough time with yourself?

Yoga will get you to reconnect with who you are and what ‘YOU’ really want. Practicing yoga is your alone time, the time you spend with yourself and exploring the person within, trust us, she needs you too!

4) You Will Be Happier

According to a study, 12 weeks of yoga will make you a happier person and reduce anxiety levels! Exercise has long been a natural medication for patients with depression and doctors have been extremely suggestive of it. This results in the release of chemicals in our brain and body that induce happiness and reduce overall stress.

5) Sleep Better

Although there are certain poses that may be required to be done right before your sleep time but know this that every time you practice yoga, you relax your mind and refresh to a new start knowing that tomorrow will be a better day.

One possibility of why this happens is that most yoga practices have a cool down at the end which allows you to induce easy slumber.

9 Essential Benefits of YOGA exercise in Our Lives!

6) Overcome Your Challenges

Yoga is not a competition.

If someone else is holding poses longer than you, that only means that they have practiced more in life not because they are better than you. It is essential for you to start and your only competition is you from yesterday.

Yoga gives you the strength to hold poses and incline your posture better. Well, the more you practice, the better you get. In the entire process, you are focusing on yourself to achieve. This practice of focus does not only make you better at yoga but also your everyday life. Your attention to priorities increases and your time span of concentration does too. 

Weeks after weeks, you will see yourself improve. Start now!

7) Posture Perfect

You will be recognized for having an amazing posture. During yoga and its practice, posture is essential and you will develop a clean and a straight posture. This will stop you from slouching all the time and keep your chin up. It is just that with yoga you will not be deliberately trying, in fact, it will come automatically.

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8) Gratitude

Yes, we all could use some in this world. Most of the yogis we have interviewed and spoken to devote their time on the mat to someone or something that means a lot to them. This form of gratitude becomes part of your life with all the practice, and within yourself, you find the thankful being that looks not only for their own yet for everyone’s happiness.

The best part about yogis is that they are so content with themselves and loving!

9) Refreshed Being

There is nothing like coming out of a yoga practice session. The rejuvenation you feel in the mind, the body and the spirit. In simpler forms, yoga helps you gain the concentration to focus on sorting your everyday life out. So much so, that you will inevitably lose the unimportant happenings in your life and be refreshed. It’s all about from the essential benefits of yoga exercise in our lives.

Walk tall and walk strong! Namaste!

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