Getting Over The Fear of Trying Something New

Close your eyes and take yourself back to a time when you were a child learning to ride a bike. Allow yourself to remember the feeling of excitement and nervousness that filled you from within. Perhaps you had someone older, maybe a parent or a sibling, helping and teaching you how to balance on your shiny new toy. On your first few tries, you probably wobbled and swayed, eventually toppling over onto the sidewalk.

Maybe you got a few battle scars in the process, but sooner or later you got the hang of it. Next thing you knew, you were flying down the neighborhood streets, soaking in your newfound freedom. Remember that feeling of joy that radiated through your body? It was pretty fantastic, am I right? It felt like you could accomplish anything in the world.

As adults, how often do we yearn for that feeling of accomplishment?

The satisfaction of trying something we’ve always wanted to do. When we were kids, everything was new. We were always faced with challenges, topics, and ideas that we had never encountered before. Trying something new didn’t seem so scary because everything we come across was fresh to our youthful eyes. But somewhere in the process of growing up, putting ourselves out there turned from invigorating to intimidating.

How many times have you wanted to try out a new fitness class, but didn’t go because you didn’t feel “fit enough”? How many times have you not shared your idea in a company meeting because you felt “too green” to contribute? As adults, putting ourselves out there can be a little overwhelming. Maybe you say no to that blind date your friend sets you up on, even though you are single and looking.

Perhaps you decline that invitation to join a local 5K, also though you enjoy the outdoors and being active. We do it all the time, without even noticing. We yearn for the feeling of accomplishing something we’ve dreamed of, yet we turn our nose at every opportunity to achieve it. Instead of welcoming a new challenge, we often unconsciously allow our inner fears to tell us no.

But think about it. When in your life have you tried something new and honestly, sincerely, wholeheartedly regretted it? Reflect upon a time when you did say yes to that date, the fitness class, the unique opportunity or challenge. Even if you weren’t the best or you didn’t like it, did you genuinely regret it? Chances are, your answer is no.

Let’s be real – no one starts out anything in life entirely. Hell, the word perfect shouldn’t even be in the dictionary because it’s just not attainable, and who would want it to be? How boring would the world be if it were “perfect”? Perfect doesn’t exist. The truth is, we all start off as a beginner. Instead of holding ourselves back in fear of being a rookie among the veterans, we should jump out there at every opportunity to learn from those who’ve been in our shoes before.

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Take yourself back to being a kid and learning to ride your bike. When my dad was teaching me, he would hold onto the seat to help me balance as I peddled down the road – sort of like training wheels 2.0. One day, he started off holding my place like he always did, and then suddenly, he let go. I trusted myself that I could make it to the end of the street without falling, but in the back of my head, I knew that even if I did fall, it wouldn’t matter. I would directly get back up and try again.

Envision your desires and dreams and try to think of them in the frame of mind you would have as a child. If you want to start that blog, do it. If you dream of making jewelry and selling it online, go for it. Want to start that new book club? Make it happen. Who cares if you’ve never done it before. Try it all. Do it all. Don’t be afraid of failing, because that’s impossible. You can’t fail when you try; you only fail when you do nothing. Embrace the power of being uncomfortable and flaunt it like a badge, because one day you’ll look back and be so glad that you did.

Be a perpetual beginner – your satisfaction will thank you.

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About the Author: Madalyn is a Florida-born girl who has spent the last four years working and basking in the Caribbean sun. Even though she grew up dancing professionally, she is often called a “bull in a china shop” for her clumsy ways. A true lover of the outdoors and new places, Madalyn is always up for an adventure. She has a vast taste for different types of music, often getting caught dancing wherever she is. Writing has always been a passion for Madalyn, and she’s made it her personal life mission to spread the love through words by detailing the eccentricities, from the unconventional to the mundane, of a 20-something just trying to figure out this life, one adventure at a time.

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