Top 5 Regrets People Are Most Likely To Have At The End of Their Lives

regrets in life

When it comes to regrets, there are a few that people have at the end of their lives, when it’s far too late to do anything about it. By knowing what the most common regrets of others are, you can make changes now in life that will keep you from having these same regrets when you reach the end of your life.

Here are the top 5 regrets people have at the end of their lives:

5. Not Choosing Happiness, Biggest Regret in Life

There are a surprising number of people that don’t realize that happiness is a choice until it’s far too late. They look back on their lives and wish that they had done more things that had made them happy and made a choice to be satisfied no matter what they were facing in life.

Fortunately for you, there’s still time to choose happiness for yourself. After all, you only get this one life, so why live it in fear and sorrow when you can choose happiness and contentment, even when things aren’t going your way.

4. Maintaining Friendships

Something that people rarely regret is living a life filled with friends. Instead, they regret allowing essential friendships to fall by the wayside. Sadly, when some people reach the end of their lives, they try to reach out to old friends only to not be able to get in touch with them anymore.

In today’s internet world, it’s easy to keep in touch with friends, so you have no excuse when it comes to this regret. Take a couple of minutes out of each day to send a message to an old friend and to find out how they’re doing. You’ll be surprised at how much a small investment of time can make a difference.

3. Not Expressing Feelings, a Common Regret in Life

To avoid conflict, people that suppressed their feelings often faced regret at the end of their life for not letting people know how they felt. Make sure you’re finding healthy ways to express your feelings, so you don’t regret keeping your mouth shut when it’s too late to say anything.

2. Working Too Much

This regret is more common in men who spend far too many hours at the office to support their families, but it’s also something that many women regret as well. The more time you spend at work, the less time you’ll have with your children and loved ones.

Evaluate the amount of time that you’re spending at work and ask yourself if it’s worth it. To avoid regretting working too much at the end of your life, you may need to make some serious lifestyle changes. The sooner you take those steps, the better it’ll be for you.

1. Meeting the Expectations of Others

Although this is undoubtedly a necessary part of work and even relationships, if you live your whole life meeting the expectations that others place on your life, then you’ll never be able to live up to your real potential. You’ll always just try to please others and never be happy yourself.

Only you can set expectations for yourself and what you get out of life, so if you find yourself doing things because your parents or partner want you to and not because you want to, make that change now. You’ll live a much happier and more fulfilled life if you do.

Think of some of the regrets that you have now and imagine how much worse it will feel to carry those with you to the end of your life when you can’t do anything else about them. Instead of facing regret on your deathbed, do something about it now. You can avoid disappointment by living the life you want today.


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