10 Couples Yoga Poses that Strengthen Your Relationship

couples yoga poses

Many wise people say that couples which work together, stay together forever. Now this isn’t just a myth. According to research couple who do most of the stuff together and especially couples who have a strong physical relationship, tend to have a stronger emotional connection.

Now how do you work out together and make your bond even stronger?

It is not that difficult, you don’t need much therapy for a stable relationship, just know what your partner likes and what they don’t.

If you want to read about how to make your relationship stronger by simple gestures, read this article.


This is quite easy and basic. You might be astonished how this simple pose can make you feel at ease and soothe your soul at the same time. The proper way to execute this pose is simple, first you need to sit cross-legged, facing your partners. Now you need to join your knees together, note that you knees should be gently touching your partners, not causing any sort of discomfort. Now put your hands in the basic yoga position and breathe in and out. Repeat this breathing for 5-10 mins.

Seated cat-cow

This position, however, is not much complicated. Well you see, in yoga, the spiritual connection with your inner peace and your partner is required. Hence this position works in a very peculiar way. Sit cross legged with your partner, as described in the above position (centering). Hold your partner’s hand such that your wrists are wrapped around their bicep.

Make sure that your back is straight like a cat would sit, now as you breath in, keep your back straight like a cat and when you breath out, move your spine in a rather bowing gesture, like a cow. This position is known as the seated cat-cow.

Seated Spinal Twist

This is a simpler form of seated cat-cow, what you have to do is simple. Sit with your partner is cross legged position with your backs inclined to each other. Now, you can simply go clockwise, stretching your spine to the most you want.

Make sure you touch the respective knee of your partner, in the exact same direction you are going, making the stretching easier and more understandable.

Back to Back Dialogue

Has your partner ever complained of you not being able to listen to their silence? Well yeah, that can actually be done if you connect your soul with them. Sit with your partner in cross legged position and breathe in and breathe out. Concentrate on your partner’s silence and follow their heartbeat, which will lead you to their soul.

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Back to Back Backbend/Forward Fold

Sit with your partner with your legs folded and your backs inclined with each other. Try warming up for the first 30 seconds by breathing in and breathing out. Feel your partner, once the connection is formed, let you partner fold forwards as you bend backwards. Repeat this in a synchronized pattern till you feel the beat of it. Once you’ve formed the music in the air, now you shall enjoy your partner’s company as you both relax together.

Back to Back Shoulder Stretch

To make it easy for you, all the back to back exercises follow the same routine, however, you need to stand for this one with your partner. Back straight and inclined with your partner, the same warm up for 30 mins and then you do the real part.

Back to back stretch is quite complicated, you have to keep your shoulders in contact with your partners as you stretch clockwise and anti-clockwise. This process has to be repeated for around 3 minutes.

Just keep your back straight and intertwined as you exercise with your partner. This helps you get used to the beat of your partner, the way they usually do stuff is now being connected to your spirit.

This exercise should be practiced with care if you wish to establish a strong relationship with your partner. Make a T shape with your body and let your arms be intertwined with each other and now stretch.

Back to Back Chair

Similarly, like back to back shoulder stretch, you need to stand in the same position. Make sure the distance between your hips is minimal and you can feel your partner properly. Now, once you feel connected, try to sit down as if you’re trying to sit on the chair. Keep in mind that maintaining the balance is the main deal here. You’ll have to practice before you get the hang of it.

Seated Bound Angle

Sit with your back straight and your feet inclined with each other in such a position that your partners feet touch your toes. Now when you stretch your legs, make sure the feet of your partners are connected to yours as you stretch. Just like palm to palm, your feet should be in total control of your muscles and your energy.

Rose your legs just like a butterfly roses from her cocoon for the first time. Let your energy flow as you let your legs exercise back and forth. This pose makes your relationship more intimate and heated.

Lateral Side Bend

Sit with your partner facing you in such a way that both your legs are stretched in the opposite direction. Just like the straddle stretch, making sure that your feet are touching feet of your partner. Now, let the energy flow through each other as you slowly bend touching your feet to the symmetric ends.

Flying Warrior

The only pose which requires the role of the genders to defined as the stronger one and the weaker one. Don’t worry, this pose isn’t much. This pose develops a taste of trust between the two. Knowing that your partner will always support you and will always be there to catch you when you fall.

The stronger one has to lie down, with his feet up high, strong and steady. As their partner tries to stretch on his feet as if she is trying to fly or is flying.

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