Pros and Cons of Being the Youngest Sibling no One Ever Told You!

pros cons of being the youngest child

Are you the youngest in your family? If yes, then there are a few things you should know and be prepared for. It definitely isn’t always easy but it can also be super cool sometimes.

Being the youngest, you will always be able to ‘stay young forever’ because everyone will treat you that way. You will be pampered and poked but in spite of all of the above, you will always be loved and cared for by everyone.

Con 1: You will always be experimented on.

Any  crazy thought that pops up in your elder siblings mind will eventually be experimented on you no matter how messy or dangerous it might be, you will always be their prop. You being the young innocent child will do anything for an ice cream and a chance to hang out with your siblings to look cool.

Pro 1: At least you won’t be a victim of any of your parents experiments!

All the experiments that your parents ever want to carry out on their kids from education to sports to extra-curricular and much more were done on your elder siblings and your parents couldn’t care less about what you do with your life. They allow you to lead your life the way you want it unless you start doing some real bad things.

Con 2: You have more than 2 parents…. Your siblings act like your bosses too

Being the youngest means you will be bossed around by your elder siblings and there is nothing you can do about it. You will have to run every single unnecessary errand or the house which no one else agrees to do with a smile on your face other wise your siblings will threaten you about not letting you hang out with them anymore.

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Pro 2: You will be spoiled

You will be spoiled by everyone in your house and no one can stop you from it. No matter what you wish for, you will get it by hook or by crook because if your parents say no, you can still beg your siblings to convince them to say yes and it almost always works out for you.

Con 3: Your closet will be filled with ‘hand me downs’:

Every piece of clothing that your siblings throw out of their closet will somehow find their way to your closet. You hardly get to buy any new clothes because you always have a pile of ‘new’ clothes that got handed down to your by your siblings. This can also be kind of cool sometimes because you finally get to wear everything that you fantasized about when you saw your brother or sister wear it.

Pro 3: You will always be guarded at school:

No matter whether your sibling still goes to the same school as you or if their ex-students, everyone will know them and therefore they will think twice before messing with you because they know who’s got your back. If anyone ever causes you any inconvenience, you know who to run to and rest will be taken care of.

Con 4: you will sometimes feel left out at family dinners.

You will sometimes feel left out when your parents and siblings talk about events when you weren’t even born yet and you can’t help but wonder what took you so long and why did you have to miss all the fun times in the world?

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Pro 4: School projects…are not a problem!

School projects might be a pain for your friends but for you it involves a puppy dog face and a little bit if whining if required. Whenever you have a tough project which you can’t pull off you can always turn to your siblings who will make it work with their level of experience and expertise. Sometimes you can even leave it to them to do all the work at the last minute and when you wake up for school in the morning, you will have your project ready. You can also show off your amazing skills to your friends at school and no one will be able to question it!

Con 5: You will get picked on a lot.

No matter how strong of a fight you put forward, you will always be the punching bag for your siblings and you have to take it. Every stupid thing that you do will be remembered and picked on by your siblings whenever they want and you will hardly have anything against them to come up with a good comeback.

Pro 5: Everyone will always look out for you.

No matter how badly you mess up, you always know that apart from your parents, you always have your siblings that you can turn to and ask for help with anything and they will come up with a solution and save you.

Con 6: You will always be the middle man when two people fight

Whenever anyone in your family fights, specially your parents you will be the one acting like a messenger between both of them and it is definitely the most pathetic position to be in. You can’t say anything but you really just want to put both of them off and sit alone minding your own business for the rest of your life.

Pro 6: You are super prepared for life.

As a youngest child you spend a lot of time around adults, you spend a lot of time strategizing and you spend a lot of time learning from everyone else. And as a result you are way more prepared for the world, because you know what to expect, you’ve seen siblings go through this before.  So live through the cons, and remember that being the youngest really is the best.

No matter how much you might hate being the youngest, it’s actually the best experience anyone could ever have and despite the cons, the pros outweigh them along with many others.

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